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Re: [tor-talk] BitPay seems to be rejecting payments via Tor

On 03/17/2017 04:01 AM, Mirimir wrote:
> I've checked a few VPN and VPS providers that use BitPay, and payments
> are being rejected. No CAPTCHA, just a message to check with the
> provider. I've heard similar reports from others.
> What to do? If anyone has contacts at BitPay, please use them. And what
> are possible workarounds? Maybe specify exits with unlisted IPs. It's
> too bad that Tor doesn't have exit bridges ;) I'll probably end up
> routing a free VPN service through Tor.
> Longer term, what Tor-friendly Bitcoin/altcoin payment processors can we
> recommend to service providers?

I get that it was a Cloudflare problem:[0]

| In this case, Cloudflare is intercepting a BitPay invoice request
| (what's happening when you go to pay with bitcoin at a BitPay
| merchant) and is requiring a captcha to prove that the user is
| a person and not a robot.
| Cloudflare tends to do this with requests made over Tor at a much
| higher rate. The way this captcha is delivered by Cloudflare to
| the Tor browser is taking users to an archived invoice page and
| not allowing them to proceed with a payment. The captcha itself
| may not be displayed depending on how risky/trustworthy Cloudflare
| considers a particular IP address.

Just think about that. Cloudflare is requiring a CAPTCHA, _but is not
showing the CAPTCHA to the user_. That is fucking insane.

But it's fixed now. Users now see a link to a BitPay no-script invoice,
which works perfectly.

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