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Re: [tor-talk] BitPay seems to be rejecting payments via Tor

> What's the replacement for BitPay?

Government fiat banks and friends will always threat pressure down
through the centralized corp exchanges, thus shutting off unverified
purchasers of even small goods via etailers (or whatever else bitpay
types are processing, like donations to registered public charities).
They claim all sorts of reasons, but it's really about them losing
power to better models that don't include them.

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Zcash Zclassic and so on, among others...
some are designed to be usable anon mode so you can
freely engage in free local and global p2p economies as desired.

A "replacement" is a fully distributed p2p app version of the
centralized 'localbitcoins' 'in person exchange' mode.

And of course accepting payment for your goods and services in
crypto, procuring the same with crypto, and helping others do theirs.

If you think using 10k tor nodes to 1M+ users is sufficiently safe
from cost / etc of standing up any real percent of sybils, you'll feel
warm fuzzy using the 1M traders to 1M users such an app is likely
to present, complete with whatever rates, ratings, locations, amounts,
PKI WoT etc each user will optionally present.
These trading apps may even use some of the same transports
the wallets do, or be integrated within wallets.

The regulated bitpay's of the world have their place in the
ecosystem and help push the envelope.
If you yourself (users) don't feel the need to be regulated over,
develop and push an alternative that doesn't.

> What to do? If anyone has contacts at BitPay, please use them.

Sure, reach out...
To whoever exchanger is blocking you, they make money off you.
And to whoever merchant, you have money, tell them you want to
give it to them.
And to whoever regulator and representative, they want your tax
and vote, and money too.
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