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[tor-talk] Peer-Tor-Peer

Hi there,

this is a shameless advertisement message for Peer-Tor-Peer (PTP), an
open-source prototyping library for peer-to-peer apps that uses Tor and
Tor hidden services for connectivity. Get it on GitHub:


In addition to enabling peer-to-peer connectivity in the presence of
restrictive middleboxes (like NAT; this is, btw, a big problem in
cellular networks), PTP also realizes the pseudonymity, undetectability,
confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of resulting communication
channels. PTP is Java-based and works well with Android. So far, PTP has
been used in several student projects and at least one academic
demonstrator/prototype [1].

It would be great if some of you were interested in using PTP or even
building on top of it! On a personal level, we are, unfortunately,
moving on to new projects and employers, so that our future commitment
to the project is uncertain. However, we'd be happy to answer any
questions, if you have any!


[1] http://telematics.tm.kit.edu/english/article.php?publication_id=589
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