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[tor-talk] release of heads 0.2 live 100% libre torified distro based on devuan

dear fellow tor-talkers :^)

with this mail let me bring to your attention heads gnu/linux, a new
live distribution hitting release 0.2 and mature enough for the first
expert opinions and tor-fingering around: https://heads.dyne.org

heads is not only a version of tails without systemd, which we
consider an enormous new surface of attack many of us don't even want
to be exposed to.

to protect its users from any backdoors in device firmware, heads aims
also to be a 100% Free linux distribution without any binary blobs or
proprietary software, following to the guidelines of the GNU project
at the same time heads linux kernel is patched with -grsec using an
hardened profile and routes all its traffic through tor.

at Dyne.org we are great fans of the tor project and we used to run
exit nodes back in 2005, barely resisting police raids and what
not. now with heads the intention is to thank and give back to the tor
developers and community another useful tool in the family, that's why
we plan to support our mate parazyd on this long term effort.

for those in the tor-dev roadshow willing to give it a shot we left a
copy in the hands of an activist following the tor-dev tour across
Europe these days, in the hope that will be useful.

happy hacking

~.,_   Denis Roio aka Jaromil    http://Dyne.org think &do tank
    "+.   CTO and co-founder      free/open source developers
      @)   ⚷ crypto κρυπτο крипто गुप्त् 加密 האנוסים المشفره
    @@)  GnuPG: 6113D89C A825C5CE DD02C872 73B35DA5 4ACB7D10
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