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Re: [tor-talk] starting tor with the default service file...

On 12-03-18 17:41, nusenu wrote:
> your logs hint towards non-"basic" configuration items (i.e. extended OR).

Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices.log
RunAsDaemon 1
DataDirectory /var/lib/tor
ControlPort 9051
Address xxx
Nickname 1d1dnt2d1th3c1nf1g

ContactInfo Random Person <jobseek2oo1@yah00.c0m>
ORPort 9001
DirPort 9030 # what port to advertise for directory connections

ExitPolicy reject *:* # middleman only -- no exits allowed

ExitRelay 1
MaxMemInQueues 1024 MB
BandwidthRate 1024 KB
BandwidthBurst 1536 KB
MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 999 KB

AccountingStart day 12:21
AccountingMax 99 GB

DisableAllSwap 1

User _tor

ServerDNSResolvConfFile /etc/tor/resolv.conf

ServerTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/local/bin/obfs4proxy managed
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4
ExtORPort auto

ExcludeNodes {cn},{hk},{mo},{kp},{ir},{sy},{pk},{cu},{vn}
Strictnodes 1

> Maybe it is best to ask what you are trying to achieve.

Nothing special? I don't gather what is extended or here in the config?

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