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Re: [tor-talk] tor project website change

On 27-03-19 17:46, Matthew Finkel wrote:
> The website design started at least 6 years ago, if not longer. Multiple
> people worked on it and made it possible. The new website provides a
> more welcoming interface, in particular for new users. Now the page is
> concise and provides links for exactly the version a user likely needs.
> If the user needs/wants another version (in another language or if they
> want the Alpha version), then they are contained on a subsequent page.
> People don't want too many options, they simply want the correct/best
> option. This new design provides this for them.

The new design does provide nothing for me:
As I described I used to find tor source code on there.
Now there is a 'new' interface that only tries to `sell` tor-browser to me.
There is no other choice there than tor-browser.
There is no link there to the tor source code.
There is no reference anywhere on the https://www.torproject.org site to
that source code that I could find after being confronted with this
'new' interface.
Not even tor.torproject.org (which would be logical, looking at websites
for other software on torproject.org) exists.
So can you please understand the frustration that you have started to
cause with this `new` interface?

I am a user, but do NOT think the new website (that particular page
especially) is more welcoming, nor concise and it does not provide links
for exactly the version this user needs.
The old interface on that page was small, simple and direct.
Why was there no difference made between the tor binary/source and the
tor browser binaries?
I do think this is a huge error.

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