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Re: [tor-talk] Revisiting youtube blocking TBB, virtually all 1st attempts to load YT

yes invidious = invidio.us that what i was referring. It has onion v3/v2 and https with many instances running it.

@ bo0od, not sure I follow.  Invidious means likely to cause unhappiness
or be unpleasant.
Does that have any relationship to invidio.us or similar sites?

Yes, you can D/L the videos, but you first have to get the URL.  I guess
if you saw a link on another site, your suggestion might make sense.  Or
if you use a proxy or VPN with regular Firefox - if YT worked with them.

On 3/4/20 2:55 PM, Matthew Finkel wrote:
On Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 04:49:16PM -0600, joebtfsplk@xxxxxxx wrote:

I assume this means you are running Tor Browser in non-private browser
mode? Otherwise clearing the cache before restarting shouldn't have any
Yes, I don't consider YT an adversary or even a site to keep health
information secret, etc.
I'm usually looking for how to "fix something" that I had nothing to do
with breaking. :)

I'm assuming that unless I suddenly started getting an out of proportion
percent of what YT considers bad or suspicious exits, something that
stores in (memory) cache, causes them to continue rejecting new exits,
until I clear the cache.

I haven't tried clearing it manually, then recording how often new
circuits vs. identities are successful.

To see the percent of success that clearing the cache has with a new
circuit or new identity (don't set cookies on YT).
I went a couple of yrs at least, with very few access problems - not
just on YT, but most technical sites I visit.  For me, it's not a huge %
increase of sites now blocking TBB, but a noticeable up tick.

YT / Google could also have changed their policy - again - how they were
going to treat TBB or changed their definition of "abuse," so now there
are many more sites meeting their criteria of abusive.

This is our current assumption, but we don't have any more information
than what you described and our personal experiences.

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