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Re: Recent Abuse compalints...

On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 11:59:50AM -0400, Adam Shostack wrote:

:Do you know how flexible their firewall is?  Could they block access
:to their posting CGIs?  Anonymous access to medical information is
:personally and socially valuable, and read-only access seems like a
:decent comprimise, once they calm down.

I'm not familiar with the site or it's operations...

They seem to be concerned about agressive spidering rather than
posting bogus content.

It also seems the site is for BioTech jobs not medical information per
se.  At least that's what google's cache seems to show.

They seem resonable, it hasn't been a frothing at the mouth type

A head request shows the server as:
Server: MedZilla/1.0 (MZX)

So who knows what level of filtering they can do at that level.  I'd
try and pick up useragent strings, though if they're using tor they're
probably reporting MSIE or something common and un filterable...but I
wander off into speculative fantasy land...