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Re: (FWD) clock

On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 10:15:38PM -0700, Zinco wrote:
>> what seems not-right about it? Is your clock not in fact jumping around
>> wildly? What do you use to keep it accurate? Do you see these messages
>> every time you run Tor or just this one time? Can you reproduce this? I
>> typically get these messages when my laptop has been suspended and I
>> un-suspend it. -RD]
> It is automatically synched with "time.windows.com" every couple of
> weeks.  I am sure my clock is never off this much.

Maybe a good way to investigate this would be to log to a file at
loglevel debug:
and see how the timestamps look in the entries before and after these

Does it typically happen when you're not using Tor, or when you are?

> I think that thanks to Ron I may have found the other problem I was
> having with XP SP2.  When I am sure I will post and add solution to
> bug report.


> I will be in Berkely working the day of your talk.  It would be nice
> if I could make it.  I will try.

Sounds good.