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TOR and VMware

Has anyone been able to get VMware workstation to send all of its
traffic via Tor ?  If so can that info be shared and/or documented
somewhere akin to the TorifyHOWTO [1]. I have XP running within
VMware ontop of XP (don't ask :-) yet I'd love to have the VMware'd
XP exclusively use TOR for all its external communication - is that
possible and how? I've thought about running Cygwin within VMWare
and installing squid but that seems rather convoluted...

The main reason I'd like to do what's noted above (beyond the shear
fun aspect of it) is that I have an application which I can't seem
to specify 'localhost 8118' on and so I'm opting to simply intercept
all traffic and deal with it that way (ie. force forward).

BTW: I wasn't able to find a simple web search utility for the
     mailing-lists, do please consider adding one if it doesn't
     already exist.

[1] http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorifyHOWTO



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