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Hibernation and client use

[I'm resending this because I believe my first attempt was blocked due to majordomo subscription issues - my apologies if it gets posted twice]


I've got a new node ("jpicktor"). I just installed it a few days ago and I went to the BayFF talk last night. Quite fun.

Anyways, I'm playing around with the bandwidth limiting features. My server runs Xen and Linux, and is in a colo (simpli.biz, which is at above.net in San Jose, CA).

I'm using tor from Debian unstable.

The man page says this about the AccountingMax option:

  If you have  bandwidth  cost issues, using this option is preferable
  to setting a low bandwidth, since it provides users with a collection
  of fast servers that are up some of the time, which is more useful
  than a set of slow servers that are always "available".

So I tried this:

 AccountingMax 2 GB
 AccountingStart day 0:00

The hibernation did appear to work, as traffic dried up. However, it seems that I was also unable to use the node as a client via privoxy and the socks interface.

Losing client access wasn't exactly the behaviour I was expecting or hoping for during hibernation. I couldn't find any documentation anywhere saying that hibernation would shut down client access.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to allow client access while hibernating? Or is there some technical reason that client access must be shut down?

I'm going to try limiting the bandwidth next, at least I should be able to preserve client access that way...


 - Jim