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Lots of connections

I've been playing with stressing Tor out recently. I've encountered some rather weird and suboptimal behavior. If you hit it with a lot of connections simultaneously it starts spitting out "Giving up on unattached conn (60 sec old)." errors (and those numbers go up dramatically if you *really* stress it badly :P) From browsing the source, it looks like that's its way of saying "I don't have enough open Tor routes, and I'm having trouble getting more fast enough, so I'm going to start dropping connections". And, yes, it does appear to be dropping connections.

Which is obviously not really ideal.

Is this diagnosis accurate? If so, is it on the list of Things That Should Be Fixed, or is this low priority/unimportant? And if this diagnosis isn't accurate, what's going on? :)

(One thought, from going over in my mind what it looks like - they also come in clumps often, and that's when the numbers start getting big. Maybe something is blocking for long periods of time that you're not expecting, and that's just making it time out when it should be handling the load no problem? Its CPU usage doesn't seem to be high.)