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Re: Load ~40 on 2.6.10, Lots of connections

So, as a followup to my Lots of Connections thread - I left it up overnight and came back in the morning, and it was eating the entire CPU and dropping basically every connection. Sounds familiar to this as well. :P I'm using Tor on WinXP SP1. It was doing the same "giving up on unattached conn" error with nice big numbers (90s+).

Curiously, mine was using all of *one* CPU, but not two - I've got SMP.


maillist wrote:
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I've been running Tor 0.9.9 on Debian Sid 2.6.10 for two days now and I
encountered this; suddenly I get only connection time-outs when using http,
load on my Tor server went to "40.37, 40.39, 40.36". Cpu usage was on about
10% (!), whole system was very sluggish and took couple of minutes before I
could run "killall -9 tor" ( /etc/init.d/tor stop didn't work). After that
load went back to normal (about 0.50 - 2.00 on my server). Nothing
extraordinary in Tors logs. Any ideas where to start?


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