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New Tor server

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From: Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx>
Date: May 19, 2005 2:50:36 AM ADT
To: Justin Burket <zorton@xxxxxxxx>
Cc: tor-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: New Tor server
Reply-To: tor-ops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Wed, May 18, 2005 at 06:30:55PM -0800, Justin Burket wrote:
I've started a tor server on a co-located server hosted down at some
giant co-location company with a direct OC3 to God.  In other words
it's got plenty of bandwidth.  I've limited it to 5 GB a day so we'll
see how it goes.  As long as the process doesn't suck down too many
resources i'll leave it running.

Great. Let me know if it's threatening to suck down too many resources, and what they are, and we'll try to give you tips on how to help that. Usability for server operators is key for us.

Also, note that accountingmax 5 GB means that the server hibernates
after it reaches 5 GB of incoming bytes, or after it reaches 5 GB of
outgoing bytes. Some people are charged differently for their bandwidth,
so you should pay attention to this. :)

If you're limiting to that little, and you have as much bandwidth as
you seem to, you might want to set "BandwidthRate 100 kb" in your torrc,
to spread out your usefulness over more of each day. This will also help
to keep the load on your server down during the times when Tor is active.

As of this morning tor ran with a average resident memory usage of about 80 megs and then shutdown at 16:00 UTC when it reached 5 gigs of usage. At hibernate is was using about 45 megs resident, very usable I think. I'm going to crank it up a bit more to 10 gigs and see how goes tomorrow. I think the hosting company this server is on allows 1Terabtye of transfers a month. However I need to check with the other users and see how much is getting used typically before going too high.

Also I'm thinking of setting the Bandwidthrate to something a little lower (currently not set), any suggestions?

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