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Re: New Tor server

On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 08:00:03PM -0800, Justin Burket wrote:
> > If you're limiting to that little, and you have as much bandwidth as
> > you seem to, you might want to set "BandwidthRate 100 kb" in your 
> As of this morning tor ran with a average resident memory usage of 
> about 80 megs and then shutdown at 16:00 UTC when it reached 5 gigs of 
> usage.  At hibernate is was using about 45 megs resident, very usable I 
> think.  I'm going to crank it up a bit more to 10 gigs and see how goes 
> tomorrow.  I think the hosting company this server is on allows 
> 1Terabtye of transfers a month.  However I need to check with the other 
> users and see how much is getting used typically before going too high.

Sounds good.

> Also I'm thinking of setting the Bandwidthrate to something a little 
> lower (currently not set), any suggestions?

My rough recommendation is a BandwidthRate of 20*x KB, where x is the
number of gigs per day you want to handle (in each direction).