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Re: os x kernel panics

On 5/20/05, loki der quaeler <loki-lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> for roger, i see this under osX when launching tor - perhaps it's just
> bad verbage but it seems like it says its using kqueue:

I believe that this is correct. You are using 10.3.9, which has a
working (we thought) kqueue and so Tor should be using it.

I've emailed one of the panic logs to a friend who is connected with
Apple, but no luck. If anyone knows someone who works at the core OS X
team at Apple, that would be really useful! :)

In the mean time, setting the env variable EVENT_NOKQUEUE will disable
KQUEUE under any OS X version. The annotated panic log above (with
symbols) suggests that the crash might be in the kqueue code.


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