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Re: os x kernel panics

I did some research, panther does indeed have kqueue().  Java and
Filesystem use it on 10.3.x.  There isn't much on Apple's dev website
about it, but it is in 10.3.x.  I believe it may be internal only, but
this is just based upon the fact that i can't find any dev docs that say
use kqueue(). 

One reference:

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 12:49:56AM -0400, arma@xxxxxxx wrote 0.9K bytes in 22 lines about:
: On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 12:33:21AM -0400, phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
: > I managed to grab a kernel panic off my machine tonight.  Annotated
: > panic.log attached.  The red is the gdb output from a remote debugger.
: Hi Phobos,
: What version of Tor was this? Tor 0.0.9.x doesn't use kqueue; to my
: knowledge OS X 10.3.x does not implement kqueue; and Tor links
: libevent 1.1 which detects and disables kqueue on 10.4.x because 10.4.x
: implements an api that is different from every other kqueue on earth.
: So, are you doing this on a Tor 0.1.0.x where x != 7-rc? If so, you should
: upgrade. :) If you're using 7-rc, can you tell us the log messages when
: Tor starts up, that say what polling method libevent has decided to use?
: Also, you say you could trigger these panics on Tor It might
: be nice to compare the symbols you find for these panics, since if
: they reference kqueue also, perhaps you are not lining up your symbols
: correctly?
: Thanks!
: --Roger