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EFF Tor T-shirts for people who run exit nodes

Hi folks,

EFF made Tor T-shirts. They're spiffy. And they're giving them out free,
to people running Tor servers that exit to (at least) port 80. In fact,
they will even ship yours to you.

Mail Eric Hanson (ehanson@xxxxxxx) with your name, server's nickname,
t-shirt size, and snailmail address. If you live outside the U.S., he
will want you to make a $5 (or more) donation to EFF to cover your postage
(at http://secure.eff.org/membership). If you don't run an exit node but
you want a shirt anyway (they're way spiffy), he can probably also be
convinced to part with one for a not-quite-as-trivial donation. (If you
run an exit node that hibernates for 30 days out of the month, I'll let
your level of guilt/employment dictate the required amount. :)

Spread the word,