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Re: volunteer to do php patch for wikipedia?

On 5/26/05, Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here's how I envision it working: there should be a db of IP sets (some
> contiguous blocks, some not) that Wikipedia keeps track of. Periodically
> (like every 15 minutes), all of these IPs should be unblocked. To make
> things saner for the admins, certain IP sets should have a flag that says
> if you block any IP in the set then you should block every IP in the set.

Patch 1/3 written, see if the current design makes sense to you, Roger:

table ipblockset:
  name : string
  desc : string
  blocked : ipblock_id MAYBE NULL
  autoblock : boolean

table ipblockrange:
  set_id : ipblockset_id
  friendlyname : string

So a set (e.g. "Tor") has an id and an optional reference to an
ipblock_id (ipblocks is an existing table in MediaWiki which has
"blocking user", "reason" etc). There are many ranges for each set and
each range is either a single ip address (ipstart == ipend) or a CIDR
range (where the CIDR string is kept in friendlyname for auditing).

So the blocking lookup goes like:
  * Is there an entry for this IP address/user in the old ipblocks
table? If so, do everything normally
  * otherwise, see if the ip address is in a known range
  * if so, lookup the set and see if it's linked to an ipblocks entry
  * if so, lookup that entry and carry on as if the ipaddress of that
has matched

If autoblock is true in a given set then creating a block which
matches a range for a set blocks the whole set. (and that set-wide
block expires at the same time as the normal block).

  * MediaWiki spreads blocks - so if a blocked user logs in from
another IP address that IP address is also blocked. Thus if you can
create a blocked user you can login from an IP address to get a whole
set blocked.
  * A range cannot be in multiple sets


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