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Re: volunteer to do php patch for wikipedia?

On 5/26/05, Adam Langley <alangley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> So the blocking lookup goes like:
>   * Is there an entry for this IP address/user in the old ipblocks
> table? If so, do everything normally
>   * otherwise, see if the ip address is in a known range
>   * if so, lookup the set and see if it's linked to an ipblocks entry
>   * if so, lookup that entry and carry on as if the ipaddress of that
> has matched

Hi Adam, this looks very good!  One feature I thought would be useful
is a test entry that would accept an IP and tell you which ipblock (if
any) matches it.  This would really only be useful if a given ipblock
set contained a large number of distinct IPs/CIDR's.

Would that be useful?  I look forward to playing with this new feature
set once you have a patch available!  (perhaps I can help with some
coding / bug fixes at that point...)

Best regards,