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How To: VoIP with Tor (Was: "VoIP, Tor and Zfone...?")

VoIP through Tor is possible now:

Below I describe the VoIP clients "PSI-Jingle" and
"PhoneGaim" and how they can be routed over Tor via.



"PSI-Jingle" uses Jabber's "Jingle" VoIP feature, 
PSI-Jingle also has a proxy window for Socks5

PSI end-to-end encryption feature utilizes GPGP.  If
you don't use GPGP you can't use PSI's end-to-end
encryption feature :-(.

***Is it possible to run PSI and VoIP through Tor
Hidden Services(HS)?  This would offer the end-to-end
TLS tunneling that is IMHO requried for VoIP.  
Authentication of parties particapating in the VoIP
call is a problem for non-GPGP users that HS won't

--Directions for PSI-Jingle on Windows:

A. Start PSI 

B. open the "PSI: Account Properties" window

C. click the "connection" tab

D. Click the following boxes:
-Use SSL encryption (to server)
-Manually specify server host/port
>Port: 9050 (8118 if privoxy is configured correctly)

E. click the "save" button


"Torifying software HOWTO" (torify PSI info)

Download "PSI-Jingle"

"Jabber VoIP Press Release"

"PSI_Jingle_Brach" info

"PSI-Jingle" message-board



PhoneGaim uses Jabber's Jingle lib which uses SIP for
VoIP and it PhoneGaim offers a proxy window for Socks5

PhoneGaim is beta but looks very good and very much
like Gaim itself.  

PhoneGaim is the marrage of the origainal Gaim with
Jabber Jingle VoIP support.  I think PhoneGaim is to
replace the Gaim v.2.x in the future but I'm not sure.

As far as end-to-end encryption goes Gaim offers the
OTR plugin.  PhoneGaim can also use the OTR plugin (I
think) but I'm not sure if OTR supports VoIP in
PhoneGaim (testing requried).  

If PhoneGaim-OTR supports VoIP then the problems of
party authentication and tunnel encryption (eg.
perfect forward secery) is solved as OTR does exactaly
that.  In this case Zfone is not required as OTR
offers all the functionality of Zfone.

I'm hoping John Haller will do a "portable" PhoneGaim
as he's done for some many other programs.

--Directions for PSI-Jingle on Windows:

A. Start PhoneGaim (eg. 'Gaim' under "Start > All

B. Go to "Accounts" then open your account or start a
new one.

C. Under "Add Accounts" window choose:
-Proxy Options: Socks5
>Port: 9050 (8118 if privoxy is configured correctly)

D. Click the "save" button



Download "PhoneGaim-v.0.79.5" beta for Windows


>-Issues and Notes:

One issue I have with Jabber's Jingle lib is much of
the code for Jingle was written by coders for Google
(I don't trust Google at all).

PSI-Jingle and PhoneGaim utilize Jabbers "Jingle lib"
which runs SIP, and SIP employes UDP.  As such, Tor
may not be able to route the VoIP traffic of
PSI-Jingle or PhoneGaim.  Testing is required.


Any opinions?

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