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Re: Exiting only port 80

Am Montag, 30. April 2007 22:53 schrieb Mike Cardwell:
> Hi,
> Am I right in thinking that most people use Tor for web browsing, over
> ports 80 and 443? And am I right in thinking that most of tors bandwidth
> is used up by a minority of users, using services that require much
> higher amounts of bandwidth, such as ptp traffic?  

I think, many users use or like to use TOR for email to. 
I mean the connections for looking into the mailbox, the ports 995 and 465. It 
comes with not much traffic.

I think, it is an important anonymity feature for my communication and  it is 
possible, open this ports on an exit server too. 

Please remember, TOR is not only important for surfing. I understand your 
thinking of the higher amounts of bandwidth by minority of ptp-users, but 
there are other protokolls like POP3, IRC too.

Karsten N.