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Re: Exiting only port 80

* on the Tue, May 01, 2007 at 11:33:30AM +0200, Karsten N. wrote:

>> Am I right in thinking that most people use Tor for web browsing, over
>> ports 80 and 443? And am I right in thinking that most of tors bandwidth
>> is used up by a minority of users, using services that require much
>> higher amounts of bandwidth, such as ptp traffic?  
> I think, many users use or like to use TOR for email to. 
> I mean the connections for looking into the mailbox, the ports 995 and 465. It 
> comes with not much traffic.
> I think, it is an important anonymity feature for my communication and  it is 
> possible, open this ports on an exit server too. 
> Please remember, TOR is not only important for surfing. I understand your 
> thinking of the higher amounts of bandwidth by minority of ptp-users, but 
> there are other protokolls like POP3, IRC too.

As far as I can see email and irc don't have a bandwidth problem. At
least not to the extent that web browsing does. My suggestion was for
some exit nodes to start only doing http, not "all" exit nodes, and not
even "most" exit nodes.

If there was easily accessible up to date information about what sort of
traffic is going over the Tor network, individual administrators of exit
nodes could make their own decisions about what is most needed.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to tell my tor exit node to aim to make 75% of
it's bandwidth available for http requests, and to only use this
reserved space for other protocols when it's not being taken advantage
of. That sounds complicated though.