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FW: Tor server monitoring and notification service?

I am doing some of this (real-time checking of exit node status) as part of
a new web site I am developing to allow server-side use of Tor along with
user-selectable exit nodes by country.  I will look into adding an ability
to send email or RSS notifications to the contact on each server.  Once up
and running any server operators wanting to participate could go to
something like http://www.pickaproxy.com/tor/servermonitoring/optin/ and let
me know.  Will that work, do you think?

. . .
Wesley Kenzie

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Subject: Tor server monitoring and notification service?

Hi folks,

I just added a new item to http://tor.eff.org/volunteer#Coding:

  Sometimes Tor servers crash, or the computers they're on fall off the
  network, or other accidents happen. Some Tor operators have expressed
  an interest in signing up to a "notifying" service that periodically
  checks whether their Tor server is healthy and sends them a reminder
  mail when it's not. Anybody want to write a few cgi scripts, a few web
  pages, and set up some sort of wget hack and/or something more complex
  like <a href="http://nagios.org/";>Nagios</a> to do the monitoring? The
  first version could check just the directory port, e.g. looking through
  the cached network-status page for the right IP address and port and
  then asking for the "/tor/server/authority" page.

Perhaps somebody here (or a group of somebodies) wants to tackle this?