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Re: Tor server monitoring and notification service?

Why not just use something like BigBrother (ironic, I know..)


it can monitor services, and send pages/emails when they die. You can also easily code tests (like wget http://something.com.MYNODE.exit) and check the response.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

Roger Dingledine wrote:
Hi folks,

I just added a new item to http://tor.eff.org/volunteer#Coding:

  Sometimes Tor servers crash, or the computers they're on fall off the
  network, or other accidents happen. Some Tor operators have expressed
  an interest in signing up to a "notifying" service that periodically
  checks whether their Tor server is healthy and sends them a reminder
  mail when it's not. Anybody want to write a few cgi scripts, a few web
  pages, and set up some sort of wget hack and/or something more complex
  like <a href="http://nagios.org/";>Nagios</a> to do the monitoring? The
  first version could check just the directory port, e.g. looking through
  the cached network-status page for the right IP address and port and
  then asking for the "/tor/server/authority" page.

Perhaps somebody here (or a group of somebodies) wants to tackle this?