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Re: crypto error

--- Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > [warn] crypto error while checking RSA signature:
> > block type is not 01 (in rsa
> > routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1)
> > [warn] crypto error while checking RSA signature:
> > padding check failed (in rsa
> > [warn] Invalid signature -1
> No ideas. Perhaps you can give us a few hints about
> your situation?

Thanks for your quick reply. 
> What OS, what Tor version, did you install from a
> package or source,
> what openssl version, did you change anything, what
> did you change,
> do you have hardware acceleration enabled, etc.

Tor v0.1.2.13. compiled from source, openssl 0.9.8a
from standard ubuntu distro dapper LTS.

Have been running tor server for several months on
relatively old hardware (Pentium II type). All works
well, but have already seen this warning when running
> Alternatively, is Tor working for you generally and
> this appeared in
> your log for no reason you can tell?
> My bet is that you're either trying to install Tor
> to some really odd
> hardware/software combination, or you're running a
> really old Tor. Or
> both. :)

As said, the server has been running well and
continues to do so. :-) Just curious about the warning
and whether some steps are necessary. 

Cheers, Sam 

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