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bootstrapping and __alldiractionsprivate

i seem to be having trouble with this.  i am using

if i first start tor without __alldiractionsprivate, everything works as expected.  then i add __alldiractionsprivate to torrc and reload.  i have it running on a laptop that gets shut off frequently, but it gets access to the internet every <24 hours.

all works well for a few days.  after that, tor can't build any circuits.  what's worse, if i take out __alldiractionsprivate from torrc and reload, tor still won't access the directory servers and build circuits.  after deleting cached-routers and cached-routers.new, then i can get tor to contact the directory servers and the whole process starts over.

so, what's going on here?  i thought tor would access the directory servers using tor circuits and keep an updated list of routers at all times, but that doesn't seem to be happening.


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