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Re: Setup Directory Server

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Hi Eric

> However, I would like to set up my own directory server on a real
> network (PuppeTor is only a simulation). I could not find the source
> code or the binary where I can compile and deploy my own directory
> server, where my own Tor ORs will contact.
> Any ideas if that is possible?

There are no special sources or binaries for directory servers. You can
use the same sources/binaries as for an onion proxy or onion router. The
only thing you need to change is the configuration in torrc.
Additionaly, you need to change the configurations of all clients to
contact your directory instead of the public directories using
DirServer. I think to remember that you need at least two directories to
run a Tor network. If you are unsure which configuration options that
are, look into the man page or let PuppeTor create an example
configuration that you can change afterwards.

- --Karsten
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