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Re: bw_accounting and mirroring dir

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 02:01:56AM +0300, M wrote:
> I'm using perl script and rrdtool to draw some statistics about exit nodes
> traffic. The script reads /var/lib/tor/bw_accounting.
> I need to specify AccountingMax and AccountingStart in torrc to get any
> data to bw_accounting, right? AccountingStart is month 1 00:01 and
> AccountingMax is 5000 GB (so it wont reach it).
> The problem is that I would like to mirror the directory to others but Tor
> does not announce dirport when AccountingMax is specified.
> Any way to resolve this?

If you want to monitor a server's bandwidth, probably the best way is to
open up its controlport, and have your tool connect to the controlport
and ask for 'bw' events. You'll get an update every second, and you can
add them up, store them, etc as you like.

If your script becomes useful please share it with the rest of us. :)