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Re: nighteffect.us gone

Thanks Joe!

I have set up a subversion project at:

Feel free to contribute!

Write acces has been given to anonymous users in SVN.  This will
probably begin to change when people begin to contribute, but I just
wanted to get something up right now.

Hopefully this will allow for the best of all network status programs
to be merged together.


On 5/19/07, Some Guy <das32555@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Olaf Selke <olaf.selke@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Kasimir Gabert wrote:
> For redundancy I have set up another script at
> http://torstatus.kgprog.com/

hi Kasimir,

do you know what's the difference between your v3.4.1 and my v3.2?

> And Olaf, I believe that we should set up an opensource project for
> this so that changes will not be made downstream. Let me know what
> you think.

basically this is a good idea. I know how to install Joe's code together
with LAMP. But so far I didn't try to understand how Joe's scripts work
in detail. I would like to hear Joe's opinion about the idea of an
opensource project since it's his work we are talking about.

regards, Olaf

Hi guys,

You are free to do as you wish with the code, whether using it as is, using parts of it, modifying it, or organizing an opensource project around it to maintain.

Best regards,

Joe Kowalski

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Kasimir Gabert