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Re: Regulating bandwidth

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...If I knew how to code C I would, Roger! But I don't, so I can't.
The next best thing is suggestions, error reporting, and docs writing,
which I do.


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>> I could set the rate limits lower, but is there currently a way
>> for Tor to make inteligent decisions based on the average load?
>> In other words, in an ideal world, Tor would determine the
>> average load, and normalize it over the 24 hour AccountingMax
>> period, giving the average rate as the upper bandwidth rate
>> during the day. This average would move a bit over time, but
>> always aim for AccountingMax over the course of the average day.
> I wouldn't object to a config option AccountingBandwidthAuto or the
>  like that does what you describe. This would save people from
> needing to do that calculation. In fact, the naive implementation
> could be really easy -- it could just take the AccountingMax and
> accounting period and do the math. But it could also try to get
> smarter, as you say.
> So, feel free to submit a patch. :)
> --Roger
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