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Re: Wanted feature / option

Okay, I know you're trying to write a spam response script, but consider ..

You have 48 hours to remove me from your mailing list.
If you do NOT remove me, I will DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) your server until you are broke.

That's so illegal, it's not even funny. Does your boss know you threaten people like this? I somehow doubt you've got 34 pairs of fiber into your apartment (or a closed-sized deMUX).

Try me, I got 10 OC192's, 15 OC48's, and 8 OC12's just waiting for shit like this...

Yeah, and you'll have them for .. maybe 15 minutes after I get off the phone with your ISP (or, if it requires the lawyers, about 15 minutes after I talk to them).

Meanwhile, I'll add static routes to send all the traffic back to you, or failing that, just blackhole you with BGP upstream.

Remove me or else I remove your source of revenue.

Nice .. shall we add extortion to the list of charges?

Have a nice day and get a real fucking job.

It's a beautiful day in Cleveland .. about 85 degrees, no clouds.


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Information Security Administrator (a real job)
Cleveland State University (a real employer)