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All authorities have failed. Not trying any.

i am getting this message on the same system which uses the __AllDirActionsPrivate, that is, WinXP now running the version of Tor.  it shows every minute:

[Info] update_networkstatus_client_downloads(): Our most recent network-status document (from nobody) is 1180650256 seconds old; downloading another.
[Info] update_networkstatus_client_downloads(): All authorities have failed. Not trying any.

the system gets put into standby frequently, but gets access to the internet every <24 hours.

and where is that age coming from?  that amounts to >37 years....

while Tor is still able to build circuits, it doesn't seem to be able to download updated lists of routers.  then, after several days, there is no way for Tor to build circuits.  is this related to the __AllDirActionsPrivate setting? related to the activity of the system (that is, that it gets put into standby and has intermittent internet access)?

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