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question about A/B communication with dir servers for hidden services


i have read in the rend-spec.txt:

Bob's OP opens a stream to each directory server's directory port via Tor. (He
may re-use old circuits for this.)  Over this stream, Bob's OP makes an HTTP
POST' request, to a URL "/tor/rendezvous/publish" relative to the directory
server's root, containing as its body Bob's service descriptor.

Alice opens a stream to a directory server via Tor, and makes an HTTP GET
request for the document '/tor/rendezvous/<z>' (...) (She may re-use old
circuits for this.)

and have one question for understanding:

Are the "streams" from Bob and Alice to put & get the descriptor of a hidden
service always established over Tor circuits or sometimes direct streams from
the OP's to the Tor directory server? In other words: Is it assured, that the
directory server doesn't know, that "Bob" has established a hidden service and
"Alice" has asked about it?


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