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Re: Exiting only port 80

>>> If I am right, wouldn't the majority of the tor user base be better
>>> served if a collection of exit nodes only exited port 80 and 443
>>> traffic?

>> Please add port 22 (ssh).

> I think you sort of missed my point. I'm aware there are lots of
> protocols and ports used on tor and that they all need bandwidth.

As far as I understand you, you're trying to work out a traffic
engineering policy that will cause tor to work better for most people
while only impacting a minority.

Ssh doesn't use much bandwidth; what it needs is low latency and
stable servers.  So if you are setting up a fast stable tor server,
you'd be doing some people a favour by opening port 22.  Since ssh
uses negligible bandwidth, you won't be impacting web traffic at all.