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Re: Tor-only email

On 1 May 2008, at 10:43, Karsten N. wrote:

Andy Dixon schrieb:
Has a tor-only email service been developed..?

I know two tor-mail services, hidden services for pop3 and smtp.

   http://ewxa6cx67d4rhzrw.onion/     (tormail)
   http://w6kb72k2phin5grc.onion/     (Onion Boxes, Etc)

For testing, you may contact my private mail account:

   kn _AT_ lcr3k7ljvm436gli.onion   (OpenPGP: 0x29BA18EA)

Hope, your work will be ready for download soon ;-).
Karsten N.

Hi, Thanks for that.. I'll drop you an email shortly..

I checked out both the links, the second kept 404-ing, but I do like the idea of the first one. My idea was to have a false domain, eg zxc.tor, so an end user would have an address of (for example) andy@xxxxxxx, and work exactly like a standard internet mail server. This way people can have more easier-to-remember email addresses..