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Re: Spoofing location - possible?

Wesley Kenzie <wkenzie@xxxxxxx> said on May 06, 2008 13:32 -0400 (in part):
Alec, we have setup pickaproxy.com specifically for this purpose - to
geospoof your location and to eliminate the need to install and maintain Tor
and Vidalia.
But then I would have missed the fun of playing around with Tor and Vidalia and torrc and all the other good stuff I've been doing for the last 5 or 6 hours :-)
Check it out. Essentially we run (at present) a bunch of Tor
clients on our server that have strict exit nodes for a specific country, so
you don't lose your geolocation when the exit nodes get changed every 10
I configured a new us.pickaproxy.com:8125 in FoxyProxy. At first I was getting timeouts on everything but unticking [Socks proxy?] and then setting it "use Proxy for all URL's" was able to get it used. (I think)
We keep these refreshed every couple hours to make sure they work,
we only use fast nodes, and we make sure that strict entry nodes are also
used from a completely different country and continent to help mitigate
against privacy monitoring risks. You have the option of using stunnel to
encrypt your connection to our server as well.
AFAICT - the manual solution (loading torrc with selected nicknames from torstatus.kgprog.com) is equivalent to using pickaproxy so long as I am only interested in US sites - correct? If for some reason I want to spoof as UK then pickaproxy would be much easier than getting fresh exit nodes from above, identifying the good ones, exiting TOR, reloading torrc .... Given enough time and need I think I could probably cobble together a batch script which could take down TOR (is that  necessary(?) or can a reload be triggered on the fly), search the torstatus csv file for desired country code/speed/upload days and rebuild torrc "ExitNodes" line. Better would be (I guess) to have a batch job that would build (say) torrc-us, torrc-uk, torrc-fr once a day so they can be easily copied to torrc (the live one) as desired.

Question: Your right sidebar says "We ask that you limit your use to 1 hour per day. We take down and restart all of these proxy services every few hours". So turning on Pandora and letting it play all day in the background is something you would prefer I avoid?

As one Canuck to another - any suggestions for "neat" sites requiring geospoofing outside the US and not open to Canadians?
Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail