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Re: Spoofing location - possible?

Robert Hogan <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said on May 06, 2008 13:54 -0400 (in part):
Fortunately, there is a project in the Vidalia project pipeline to build
> perspective choices (such as choosing the country in which you want your
> exit node to reside).  Matt Edman and Camilo Viecco know more about
> this.
> Geoff

Not strictly true, TorK provides exactly this option under the 'Citizen Of..' 
toolbar button.

The snag is that TorK is linux-only at this point.
Thanks Robert - yes that looks exactly like what I was after. Almost, but not quite enough, to make me leave my Microsoft comfort zone and venture into Linux, dual booting and a whole mess of technology I've been able to avoid up to now. :-\  
Especially since the find fast US nodes approach seems to work well (enough).
Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail