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Re: Spoofing location - possible?

On Tue, May 06, 2008 at 07:04:38AM -0400, buralex@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>  Jamie McCarthy <jamie@xxxxxxxxxxx> said on May 05, 2008 12:38 -0400 (in 
> part):
>> Please forgive me for not doing more thorough research before
>> emailing. I'm not part of the Tor community and not really
>> interested in getting too into it. I'm just looking for some quick
>> advice.
> I've done even less research than Jamie had for his question and I think  
> have less technical background than he but ...
> I came to TOR looking not so much for the ability to surf anonymously  
> but to convince my end target that I'm from a particular country.  
> Primarily to allow use of streaming media (radio and video) from sites  
> that restrict access to those from the United States.

What you are looking for is a "Perspective Access Network" -- an overlay
network that allows you to choose the perspective from which you want to
access Internet services.

Tor allows controllers such as Vidalia to determine exactly how circuits
are built and which TCP streams are attached.  However, to our knowledge
nothing that gives you what you want in a useful way actually exists at
this point.

Fortunately, there is a project in the Vidalia project pipeline to build
perspective choices (such as choosing the country in which you want your
exit node to reside).  Matt Edman and Camilo Viecco know more about