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Re: Tor-only email

Andy Dixon:

> Has a tor-only email service been developed..? The reason I ask is
> that I have completed one and need to test it, but if there is
> already one around, there is not much point...
> If anyone is interested, I need a few people to create an account,
> and test the pop3,imap, smtp (internal only) and webmail.

One thing to keep in mind if the intention of using Tor to access an
smtp server is to make the message and account anonymous:

The very first thing the smtp client does after establishing a
connection to the server is to introduce itself: EHLO <hostname>. In
some cases, this would be the sender's real hostname, even if Tor was
used. In some cases this would not only be logged but also given to the
recipient through the Received: header the server added.

If I wanted to send mail this way, I'd look for a setting in the mail
client that would make sure it sends a fake hostname, or a plugin or
local proxy (think Privoxy) that would take care of it. Maybe there are
other ways.