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Re: Spoofing location - possible?

Geoffrey Goodell <goodell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said on May 06, 2008 8:40 -0400 (in part):
me: >I came to TOR looking not so much for the ability to surf anonymously  
> but to convince my end target that I'm from a particular country.  
> Primarily to allow use of streaming media (radio and video) from sites  
> that restrict access to those from the United States.

What you are looking for is a  -- an overlay
network that allows you to choose the perspective from which you want to
access Internet services.

Tor allows controllers such as Vidalia to determine exactly how circuits
are built and which TCP streams are attached.  However, to our knowledge
nothing that gives you what you want in a useful way actually exists at
this point.

Fortunately, there is a project in the Vidalia project pipeline to build
perspective choices (such as choosing the country in which you want your
exit node to reside).  Matt Edman and Camilo Viecco know more about
@Geoff - I take it you are the same Goodell as in the "Blossom" link in the TOR FAQ? I tried googling"Perspective Access Network" - 11 hits including some references to Blossom and a PDF of yours (?). Is the Vidalia "pipeline" you mentioned this?
{7} Pending Enhancements (25 matches) View a list of enhancements planned for future versions of Vidalia. http://trac.vidalia-project.net/report/7
I don't recognize anything there as on point? Is there somewhere I can "lurk" to follow the progress of this project?

 Yes.  Pick some U.S.-based exit nodes, and use the .exit notation you
referred to above.  It means choosing your exits by hand, rather than
letting tor do that, but it will get you to the exit you want, provided
that exit is running and reachable from your location.
I downloaded http://torstatus.kgprog.com/ip_list_all.php/Tor_ip_list_ALL.csv hacked about with Excel and found 62 "nicknames" in US, bandwidth >= 100 KBS and uptime-days >= 10 and then added these two lines to torrc:
ExitNodes sneaker,croeso,bettyboop,..., 59 more
StrictExitNodes 1
guess what - it works! I've been happily listening to "stations" I set up on Pandora 16 months ago before they blacked out everything outside the US for the last 4 hours and even watched two clips from Saturday Night Live. Life is GOOD :-)

Is this usage "OK" or am I abusing the spirit of TOR?

One new question: I found a number of "what is my ip" sites and all of them agree that my URL originates in the US except for: http://www.ip2location.com/ which reports my true location in CANADA, ONTARIO, AURORA. I really don't mind but wonder if they've done something "special" the others haven't? If I cared enough, would this be where I start using Privoxy and/or other techniques described in the TOR-FAQ?
Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail