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Tor On Private Network

I am trying to set up tor on a private network. I used the python script that was mentioned previously to make the torrc and the only changes I made were adding my directory servers and changing the data dir.
I'm running these on OSX Darwin and there's no reason for them to resolve hostnames because all of my directory servers are run on the LAN and the torrc only references their IP addresses. I get the following error when I start Tor.
[warn] Unable to stat resolver configuration in /etc/resolve.conf: No such file or directory
[err] Error initializing DNS subsystem; exiting
I have run tor on these machines before and never gotten this error until I tried running it over LAN with my own authoritative directory servers. I looked at resolve.conf and it's just a shortcut pointing to a file that doesn't exist. Is there a way to make tor not check this file? Any ideas?
Any help appreciated,
Comrade Ringo Kamens