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Re: lots of DMCA request's... (1/day)

tara@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> I'm really not all that smart about tor, I've never even used it as a
> client. I don't mind occasional DMCA requests but 1 a day is starting to
> piss off my ISP (linode.com) and frustrate me.
> Any one have thoughts, besides NOT running an exit node?

Don't know about the DMCA bots, but some people don't try to shoot the
messenger. It probably won't solve your problem, but you could try to
make it more obvious that you are running Tor, like some of the other
exit nodes do.

You could change the hostname that will show up in server logs from
plm.swopusa.org to the more descriptive tor-anon-proxy.swopusa.org.

The website at plm.swopusa.org only says "It works!" You could change
this to the don't blame me template.


This is what it says to DMCA complainers:

"If you are a representative of a company who feels that this router is
being used to violate the DMCA, please be aware that this machine does
not host or contain any illegal content. Also be aware that network
infrastructure maintainers are not liable for the type of content that
passes over their equipment, in accordance with DMCA "safe harbor"
provisions. In other words, you will have just as much luck sending a
takedown notice to the Internet backbone providers. Please consult EFF's
prepared response for more information on this matter."