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Re: Ports 443 & 80

I just tried something else and I managed to get it working. :-)  The problem 
was I was over thinking the solution.  I set the ports in torrc back to their 
defaults ORPort 9001 & DirPort 9030.

Instead, what I did was have the port forwaring on the router level...  
443 --> 9001 & 80 --> 9030.  Then I had the router forward ports 9001 & 9030 
to my private IP on the network.  So now I only need open ports 9001 & 9030 
on my local software firewall.

This solution is the easiest and most efficient way I can see doing it.  I 
hope this helps out every one else.  Here's my entire torrc so every one 
knows what settings I used to get it working.

SocksPort 9050
DataDirectory /home/tor/.tor
ControlPort 9051
Nickname [Left Out]
ContactInfo [Left Out]
ORPort 9001
DirPort 9030

It's with this torrc and hardware router settings I managed to get every thing 
working.  Thanks every one for all the help.