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Re: Ports 443 & 80

As I understand it, there's still a problem here - Tor thinks it's listening on port 9001, so it'll advertise to the directories that it's waiting on port 9001. Which obviously won't work all that well if they have to connect to port 80.

Here's what the relevant section of my torrc looks like:

## Required: what port to advertise for Tor connections.
ORPort 80
## If you want to listen on a port other than the one advertised
## in ORPort (e.g. to advertise 443 but bind to 9090), uncomment the
## line below too. You'll need to do ipchains or other port forwarding
## yourself to make this work.

There's a chunk below it for directory ports also, although I have that disabled due to low bandwidth.


Nathaniel Dube wrote:
I just tried something else and I managed to get it working. :-) The problem was I was over thinking the solution. I set the ports in torrc back to their defaults ORPort 9001 & DirPort 9030.

Instead, what I did was have the port forwaring on the router level... 443 --> 9001 & 80 --> 9030. Then I had the router forward ports 9001 & 9030 to my private IP on the network. So now I only need open ports 9001 & 9030 on my local software firewall.

This solution is the easiest and most efficient way I can see doing it. I hope this helps out every one else. Here's my entire torrc so every one knows what settings I used to get it working.

SocksPort 9050
DataDirectory /home/tor/.tor
ControlPort 9051
Nickname [Left Out]
ContactInfo [Left Out]
ORPort 9001
DirPort 9030

It's with this torrc and hardware router settings I managed to get every thing working. Thanks every one for all the help.