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Re: Applications Recommended For Use With Tor +++ PROPOSAL, DRAFT +++

Kyle Williams schrieb:
> Hello Alex,

Aloha Kyle!

> I've already logged into the Wiki and updated the Test Procedures section.
> Seeing as I've found lots of IP disclosure vulnerabilities in the past
> (and future?), I for one would be more than happy to help with this.

Thanks. The whole section is quite a draft and seriously: it needs more
details than we have right now, even with your corrections.

> One application that should never show up on this list is Internet
> Explorer.  I've got two 0-days right now for IE, and they would totally
> compromise your anonymity and security.  Don't worry, they've been
> reported through 3Com's ZDI program and I'm waiting to see the fixes
> come out (who knows when).

Actually that's not the point about this wiki-page; it's more about what
specific things can go wrong, not about what kind of special exploits a
several application is suffering of.
Even all those Mozilla-browsers have their own problems so i want to
keep this specific section open.

The questions are:
* Where do those applications compromise anonymity?
* What plugins are known to be shit?

That's fairly generic - there's no need for another "my browers's better
than yours"-thing.

Thanks for your input anyway! :-)

> Let the bug hunting continue!!  w00t!

Oh yeah. I'll be testing me very own setup on thursday.

> - Kyle


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