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Re: a serious TOR adversary?

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 05:47:41PM -0500, Eugene Y. Vasserman wrote:
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> Thus spake Bernardo Bacic, on 5/21/08 6:45 AM:
> | This link http://web.crypto.cs.sunysb.edu/spday/ contains a summary
> | description of a possible TOR threat.
> |
> | Does anyone have more details? opinions?
> |
> |
> | (apologies if this has been discussed before, i read the list only as
> | much as time permits)
> "Although timing-based attacks have been demonstrated against
> non-timing-preserving anonymity networks, they have depended either on a
> global passive adversary or on the compromise of a substantial number of
> Tor nodes."
> Incorrect: Steven J. Murdoch. "Hot or Not: Revealing Hidden Services by
> their Clock Skew"; Nicholas Hopper, Eugene Y. Vasserman, and Eric
> Chan-Tin. "How much anonymity does network latency leak?".
> (Full disclosure: I'm one of the authors of the second paper).

See also Locating Hidden Servers by Lasse O/velier and Paul Syverson,
which motivated Tor's guard node design.