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RE: bridge relays and bridge directories


> > If I set "BridgeRelay" for my Tor server to 1, then must I have an
> > "ExitPolicy" to accept at least 1 port or 1 IP address/range?  If 
> > ExitPolicy is reject *:* does this mean the bridge relay will not 
> > work?
> No, you're confusing ExitPolicy with ExtendPolicy. (And
> ExtendPolicy doesn't exist.)

Yes, I was getting confused.  I was thinking about ORPort here, and I
believe I saw your initial notes saying to specify ORPort 443, which did not
work for me, so I am now trying to use 9001.  Can I presume that any ORPort
value will work for a bridge relay?


>  I see that the
> controller GETINFO ns/all and GETINFO ns/id/fingerprint commands do
> not return information about bridge authorities, unless I am missing 
> it.
>What do you expect it to do?

I was expecting to see "BridgeDir" as a possible entry on the "s" line,
similar to "V3Dir" and "HSDir" etc.

Thanks for the help, Roger.