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de-Tor-iorate Anonymity

Is this a known or currently unknown weakness/vulnerability?

via: https://defcon.org/html/defcon-16/dc-16-speakers.html

de-Tor-iorate Anonymity

Nathan Evans
Ph.D Student, University of Denver
Christian Grothoff

Feel safe and comfortable browsing the Internet with impunity because
you are using Tor? Feel safe no more! We present an attack on the Tor
network that means that the bad guys could find out where you are
going on the Internet while using Tor. This presentation goes over the
design decisions that have made this attack possible, as well as show
results from a Tor network that reveals the paths that data travels
when using Tor. This method can make using the Tor network no more
secure than using a simple open web proxy. We go over the attack in
detail, as well as possible solutions for future versions of Tor.


also, there is a talk on "Generic, Decentralized, Unstoppable
Anonymity: The Phantom Protocol" which sounds a little used car
salesman like..

is this similar to crowds, tarzan, morphmix, or also unknown at this time?