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Re: two experiments I've done with relays, feedback welcome :)

Il 02/05/2009 15:18, Andrew Lewman ha scritto:
>> 1) Tunneled TOR
> Interesting.  I'm not sure I fully understand the ramifications to
> people's tcp traffic in this scenario.

Tunneled Tor is, as Andrea built it, a Tor exit relay inside a NAT network.

The relay has two network interfaces: the physical one with a private IP
address (and a public IP address shared by the NAT pool), and a tunneled
one to a second remote server he owns, with a public IP address on a
completely different network.

The relay advertises the tunneled IP address for incoming connections,
and replies with the NAT pool's public IP for outgoing traffic.

I tested it with ExitNodes and StrictExitNodes options in my torrc and
succeeded exiting from his relay with the NAT pool's public IP.